6/3/20 Waiting Pastor Sam Dahl SH
5/17/20 Remember The Church Pastor Sam Dahl SH
5/10/20 Mother's Day Mother's Day Pastor Nathan Miller SH
5/3/20 Remember What God Has Done Pastor Sam Dahl SH
4/26/20 Remember Who God Is Pastor Sam Dahl SH
4/19/20 Good News Don’t Waste Your Quarantine Pastor Sam Dahl SH Philippians 4
4/5/20 Good News Made Alive Pastor Sam Dahl SH Ephesians 2:1-10
3/29/20 Good News Freely Justified Pastor Jeremy Johnson SH
3/22/20 Good News How to Share Your Faith Pastor Mark Gold SH
3/8/20 Beyond Peace Pastor Nathan Miller SH
2/23/20 #Relationship Goals Answering Your Questions Panel Discussion SH
2/16/20 #Relationship Goals God's Design Pastor Sam & Amy Dahl SH Ephesians 5:22-33
1/26/20 Colossians Chapter 4 Pastor Sam Dahl SH Colossians 4
1/12/20 Colossians Chapter 2 Pastor Jeremy Johnson SH Colossians 2
1/5/20 Colossians Chapter 1 Pastor Nathan Miller SH Colossians 1
12/15/19 Eye Witness The Wisemen Pastor Matt Clausen SH
11/24/19 God's Unconventional Battle Plan Pastor Sam Dahl SH
11/17/19 Retreat Rewind After the Mountain Top Pastor Sam Dahl SH
11/3/19 Elementary Prayer Pastor Sam Dahl SH Hebrews 4:14-16
10/27/19 Elementary Bible Study Pastor Sam Dahl SH 2 Timothy 3:16-17
10/13/19 The Unnamed A suffering woman Pastor Sam Dahl SH Mark 5:21-36
9/15/19 The Unnamed A sinful woman Pastor Sam Dahl SH Luke 7:36-50
9/8/19 The Unnamed Jonathan's armor-bearer Pastor Sam Dahl SH 1 Samuel 14:1-23
7/18/19 Greatness Pastor Matt Clausen SH
6/27/19 Perspective Shift Perspective Shift Tim Graham SH Philippians 4
6/20/19 Perspective Shift Perspective Shift Sam Dahl SH Philippians 3
6/13/19 Perspective Shift Perspective Shift Hannah Veit SH Philippians 2
6/6/19 Perspective Shift Perspective Shift Sam Dahl SH Philippians 1
6/2/19 What the River is All About Sam Dahl SH
4/14/19 3, 2, 1 Sermon Series The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Pastor Rob Rees SH
4/7/19 3, 2, 1 Sermon Series The Thursday Before the Crucifixion Sam Dahl SH
3/31/189 3, 2, 1 Sermon Series The Wednesday Before the Crucifixion Sam Dahl SH
3/24/19 3, 2, 1 Sermon Series - View Video Let Go and Come Follow Me Pastor Rob Rees SH
3/17/19 3, 2, 1 Sermon Series The Monday Before the Crucifixion Pastor Rob Rees SH
3/10/19 3, 2, 1 Sermon Series The Sunday Before the Resurrection Pastor Rob Rees SH
3/3/19 Locating Worship The Body and the Soul Hannah Veit and Tim Graham SH
2/17/19 Locating Worship Locating Worship Sam Dahl SH
1/20/19 I Want to Believe, But.... Killjoy God Sam Dahl SH
1/6/19 I Want to Believe, But.... Worship Night Pastor Rob Rees SH
12/16/18 For You O Come Emmanuel Pastor Rob Rees SH
12/9/18 For You Away in a Manger Pastor Rob Rees SH
12/2/18 For You O Holy Night Sam Dahl SH
11/25/18 Necessary Sins Pride Sam Dahl SH
11/18/18 Necessary Sins Anger Pastor Rob Rees SH
11/11/18 Necessary Sins Gossip Pastor Rob Rees SH
10/14/18 Naked and Afraid No More Monkeying Around Sam Dahl SH
10/7/18 Naked and Afraid Controlled By… Pastor Rob Rees SH
9/30/18 Naked and Afraid What Led To This Sam Dahl SH
9/23/18 Naked and Afraid Patterns In Life Pastor Rob Rees SH
9/8/2018 Parent Night Pastor Rob Rees SH
8/26/18 White Flag From Distress to Deliverance Sam Dahl SH Jonah 2:1 - 3:2; Jeremiah 2:11-13; Luke 15:11-32
8/19/2018 White Flag Resistance is Futile Pastor Rob Rees SH Jonah 1:1-17; Proverbs 3:11-12
8/5/18 Nothing Is Wasted Youth Intern Natalie Ray SH
7/22/18 River Sermon Youth InternHannah Schmokel SH
7/8/18 River Sermon Pastor Rob Rees SH
7/1/18 River Sermon Pastor Rob Rees SH
6/24/18 River Sermon Hannah Veit SH
6/10/18 River Vision - Part 2 Pastor Rob Rees SH
6/3/18 River Vision - Part 1 Sam Dahl SH
5/20/18 River Sermon Pastor Rob Rees SH
4/29/18 Explicit Lyrics Explicit Lyrics Sam Dahl SH
4/22/18 Explicit Lyrics Explicit Lyrics Sam Dahl SH Ephesians 5
3/25/18 Explicit Lyrics Focus Pastor Rob Rees SH
3/18/18 Explicit Lyrics Change of Heart Pastor Rob Rees SH
3/11/18 Explicit Lyrics Naked and Unashamed Pastor Rob Rees SH
3/4/18 Love Your Parents Banquet Pastor Rob Rees SH
2/25/18 Explicit Lyrics B-Side Pastor Rob Rees SH
2/18/18 Explicit Lyrics Respect Pastor Rob Rees SH
2/11/18 Explicit Lyrics Burned Pastor Rob Rees SH
1/21/18 Relevant Untainted Voice Allison Gillett SH
1/14/18 Relevant Living Hope and Radical Purpose Hannah Schmokel and Tori Giblin SH
12/17/17 All The Way Sunday Evening Message Pastor Rob Rees SH Luke 2:1-20
12/10/17 Human Trafficking Emily Shore SH
12/3/17 All The Way The Sent Sam Dahl SH John 3:14-16
11/5/17 Sunday Evening Message Pastor Rob Rees SH
10/29/17 The Church Of Corinth Pastor Rob Rees SH
10/15/17 Wildfire Wildfire Week 6 Pastor Rob Rees SH
10/8/17 Wildfire Wildfire Week 5 Pastor Rob Rees SH
10/1/17 Wildfire Bold Messengers Sam Dahl SH
9/24/17 Wildfire Wildfire Week 3 Pastor Rob Rees SH
9/17/17 Wildfire Wildfire Week 2 Pastor Rob Rees SH
9/10/17 Wildfire Wildfire Week 1 Pastor Rob Rees SH
8/27/17 Christian Atheist Not My Gospel Sam Dahl SH
8/20/17 Christian Atheist Lukewarm Pastor Rob Rees SH
8/13/17 Christian Atheist The Christian Athiest Pastor Rob Rees SH
8/6/17 The Heart of Missions Cameron Lawrence SH
7/23/17 Music and Movies River Message Pastor Rob Rees SH
7/16/17 Music and Movies Some Nights Pastor Rob Rees SH
6/25/17 Chenza and Lizzy's Farewell Chenza SH
6/18/17 Soul Detox The Seduced Soul Sam Dahl SH
6/11/17 Soul Detox The Tortured Soul Pastor Rob Rees SH
6/4/17 Soul Detox Rush The River Pastor Rob Rees SH
5/7/17 Soul Detox Pastor Rob Rees SH
4/9/17 On Trial: Moments That Lead To Jesus Sam Dahl SH
3/26/17 Survivor Sword Of The Spirit Pastor Rob Rees SH Ephesians 6:10-18
3/19/17 Survivor Helmet Of Salvation Pastor Rob Rees SH Ephesians 6:10-18
3/5/17 Survivor Shield Of Faith Sam Dahl SH Ephesians 6:10-18
2/26/17 Survivor Feet Of Readiness Pastor Rob Rees SH Ephesians 6:10-18
2/19/17 Survivor Breastplate Of Righteousness Sam Dahl SH Ephesians 6:10-18
2/12/17 Survivor The Belt Of Truth Pastor Rob Rees SH Ephesians 6:10-18
1/29/17 Get In The Game Standing Firm In Victory Sam Dahl SH Ephesians 6:10-13
1/15/17 Get In The Game My Coach, My King Sam Dahl SH 1 Timothy 6:15-16
1/8/17 Get In The Game Practice: Team Unity Sam Dahl SH 1 Corinthians 12:12 - 13:7
11/20/16 Intimate Connections Pastor Rob Rees SH
11/6/16 Retreat Rewind Pastor Rob Rees SH
10/30/16 After The Mountain Top Sam Dahl SH Luke 9:28-48
10/9/16 Living Clay - River Living Clay - Grace Sam Dahl SH Jeremiah 18
10/2/16 Living Clay - River Living Clay - Crushing Pastor Rob Rees SH Job 10:8-9
9/25/16 Living Clay - River Living Clay - Resting in Surrender Sam Dahl SH Jeremiah 1:4-19, Exodus 20:8-11
9/18/16 Living Clay - River Living Clay - His Hands Pastor Rob Rees SH Jeremiah 1:4-5
9/11/16 Culture Clash You Can't Please Everyone Pastor Rob Rees SH
9/4/16 Culture Clash Culture Clash Pastor Rob Rees SH
8/28/16 Culture Clash Being Salt and Light Sam Dahl SH Matthew 5:13-48
8/21/16 Culture Clash Pause Pastor Rob Rees SH
8/14/16 Culture Clash Evolution Sam Dahl SH Genesis 1:1
8/7/16 Culture Clash Selfie Pastor Rob Rees SH 2 Chronicles 36:11-13
7/31/16 Culture Clash Tough Times To Stand For Truth Sam Dahl SH
7/24/16 Dating When What You Want Conflicts With What God Wants Pastor Rob Rees SH Romans 1:18-20
7/17/16 Dating Dating - Part 3 Peggy Allan SH
7/10/16 Dating Answering The Call Sam Dahl SH Ephesians 5:22-33
7/3/16 Dating What's Love Got To Do With It Sam Dahl SH Genesis 2
6/12/16 Bulking Up The Great Comission Neil Johnson SH Matthew 28
6/5/16 Bulking Up How To Read Your Bible - Part 2 Sam Dahl SH I Peter
5/29/16 Bulking Up How To Read Your Bible - Part 1 Sam Dahl SH 2 Timothy
5/15/16 The Promise Moses' Death Neil Johnson SH
5/8/16 The Promise Moses' Sin Sam Dahl SH
5/1/16 The Promise The Shofar Sam Dahl SH
4/24/16 The Promise Focus Rob Rees SH
4/10/16 The Promise Overcoming Our 'Giants' Josh Anderson SH
4/3/16 The Promise God's Provisions Sam Dahl SH
3/20/16 The Promise Day Of Attonement Sam Dahl SH
3/13/16 The Promise Sin Erased: Worshiping from a Blank Slate Joel Farber SH
2/28/16 The Promise Offerings, Sacrifice and Rest Sam Dahl SH
2/21/16 The Promise The Tabernacle Christopher Gee SH
2/14/16 The Promise The Priests Neil Johnson SH
1/24/16 The Promise The Story of Sinai Pastor Mark Gold SH
1/10/16 The Promise The Journey Water and Manna Pastor Jon Tolly SH
1/3/16 The Promise Passover Pastor Mike Golay SH
12/27/15 Advent Magi - Advent PLUS Sam Dahl SH
12/20/15 Advent Jesus Pastor Mark Gold SH
12/13/15 Advent Shepherds Sam Dahl SH
11/29/15 Advent Mary Interrupted Neil Johnson SH
11/15/15 The Promise Generosity Sam Dahl SH
11/1/15 Fall Retreat Rewind Live Free Sam Dahl SH
10/25/15 The Promise Exodus - Set Free To Live Free Sam Dahl SH
10/11/15 The Promise Joseph Sam Dahl SH
10/4/15 The Promise Jacob and Esau Sam Dahl SH
9/27/15 The Promise Abraham and Isaac Pastor Mike Golay SH
9/20/15 The Promise The Fall Neil Johnson SH
9/13/15 The Promise Creation Pastor Jon Tolly SH
9/6/15 Back To School Be Different Sam Dahl SH
8/23/15 Fall Retreat Reveal Breaking Free Pastor Jim Barringer SH
8/16/15 Hot Topics I'm In Love With My Walkman/Atari Pastor Jim Barringer SH
8/9/15 Hot Topics Stand By Me (Christian Community) Sam Dahl SH
8/2/15 Hot Topics You Are Amazing Pastor Mark Gold SH
7/26/15 Hot Topics Friends (Healthy Relationships) Pastor Jim Barringer SH
7/12/15 Hot Topics Celebrate (Why I Love Jesus Testimonies Pastor Jim Barringer SH
7/12/15 Hot Topics French Onion, Couches and Weed (Honoring God's Temple) Pastor Jim Barringer SH
7/5/15 Hot Topics How Can I Pray For You? Sam Dahl SH Matthew
6/28/15 Hot Topics I'm Sick (Getting Help) Pastor Jim Barringer SH Psalmss
6/21/15 Hot Topics Help I Need A Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Healthy Relationships) Sam Dahl SH Ephesians
6/14/15 Hot Topics Tough Love (Loving the Unloveable) Pastor Jim Barringer SH
6/7/15 Don't Waste Your Summer Pastor Jim Barringer SH
5/31/15 The River Vision 2016 Pastor Jim Barringer SH
3/29/15 Divergent Nahum Sam Dahl SH
3/22/15 Divergent Habakkuk and Zephaniah - A Sinful World and a Holy God Sam Dahl SH
3/15/15 Divergent Jeremiah - The Weeping Prophet Pastor Jim Barringer SH
3/8/15 i am A Steward of Time, Talent and Treasure Pastor Jim Barringer SH
2/22/15 i am A Truth Teller Pastor Jim Barringer SH
2/15/15 Divergent Micah Sam Dahl SH
2/8/15 Divergent Isaiah Sam Dahl SH
1/25/15 i am A Disciple Maker Sam Dahl SH
1/11/15 i am Submitted to the Word of God Pastor Jim Barringer SH
1/4/15 Divergent Take the Hill! Pastor Jim Barringer SH
12/28/14 Divergent Jonah: God is Great Sam Dahl SH
12/21/14 Advent Outrageous Love Pastor Jim Barringer SH
12/7/14 Advent Peace Sam Dahl SH
11/30/14 Advent Hope Pastor Jim Barringer SH
11/23/14 Divergent Elisha: Truly Seeing Sam Dahl SH
11/16/14 Divergent Elijah: The God Contest Pastor Jim Barringer SH
10/26/14 Divergent Samuel Sam Dahl SH
10/12/14 Divergent The Prophet Pastor Jim Barringer SH
10/5/14 i am Under Authority Pastor Jim Barringer SH
9/21/14 i am Confident in Christ Sam Dahl SH
9/7/14 I am Who Am I? Pastor Jim Barringer SH
8/31/14 #Selfie Flip the Switch Pastor Jim Barringer SH
8/24/14 #Selfie "Sick of Stuff" Pastor Jim Barringer SH
8/17/14 #Selfie Busyness and Boredom Sam Dahl SH
8/10/14 #Selfie Mirror Mirror Pastor Jim and Naomi Barringer SH
8/03/14 #Selfie I'll Do Anything To Feel Something Thylin Carlstedt SH
7/27/14 #Selfie Turning the Camera Around Pastor Jim Barringer SH
7/20/14 #Selfie Super Senior Spotlight: Selfish to Selfless Pastor Jim Barringer SH
7/13/14 #Selfie Not Me? Sam Dahl SH
7/6/14 #Selfie Why Me? Sam Dahl SH
6/29/14 #Selfie Losing Control Pastor Jim Barringer SH
6/22/14 #Selfie You the Man! Pastor Jim Barringer SH
6/15/14 #Selfie God's Word #nofilter Pastor Jim Barringer SH
6/8/14 #Selfie It's All About ME Pastor Mark Gold SH
6/1/14 #Selfie Don't Waste Your Summer Pastor Jim Barringer SH
5/25/14 Your "god" Is Too Small Pastor Jim Barringer SH
5/4/14 Unstoppable Only God Stories Pastor Jim Barringer SH
4/27/14 Unstoppable The Beginning of the End of the Beginning Pastor Jim Barringer SH
4/13/14 Love Your Parents Banquet Summer Camp Pastor Jim Barringer SH
4/6/14 Unstoppable Stand Firm, Be On Guard Josh Anderson SH
3/30/14 Unstoppable The Way Pastor Jim Barringer SH
3/23/14 Unstoppable Bringing it! Bereans, Big Brains and Bad Behavior Pastor Jim Barringer SH
3/16/14 Unstoppable The Four Chairs (Acts 16) Pastor Mark Gold SH
3/9/14 Unstoppable Roadmap for Rough Relationships Pastor Jim Barringer SH
2/23/14 Unstoppable Time to mUve! Pastor Jim Barringer SH
2/16/14 Unstoppable Relentless Prayer Pastor Jim Barringer SH
2/9/14 Unstoppable Are Ewwwww Eating That? Pastor Jim Barringer SH
1/26/14 Unstoppable Getting Knocked Off Your Horse Pastor Jim Barringer SH
1/12/14 Unstoppable Fearless Pastor Jim Barringer SH
1/5/14 Unstoppable Deadly Serious Pastor Jim Barringer SH
12/29/13 Unstoppable Can't Stop This! Pastor Jim Barringer SH
12/22/13 Advent - True Light You Are The Light Of The World Pastor Jim Barringer SH
12/8/13 Advent - True Light Jesus Light Of The World Pastor Jim Barringer SH
12/1/13 Advent - True Light Let There Be Light Pastor Jim Barringer SH
11/24/13 Unstoppable Power vs. Poison Pastor Jim Barringer SH
10/27/13 My Hope America Incredible Invitations Pastor Jim Barringer SH
10/13/13 My Hope America The God of Hope Pastor Jim Barringer SH
10/06/13 My Hope America Hope for Purity Pastor Jim Barringer SH
9/29/13 Unstoppable Here…..We…..Go! Pastor Jim Barringer SH
09/22/13 Unstoppable Fired Up Pastor Jim Barringer SH
9/15/13 Unstoppable Plan Set In Motion Pastor Jim Barringer SH
9/8/13 Unstoppable It's Coming Pastor Jim Barringer SH Acts 1
9/1/13 Unstoppable The Prequel Pastor Jim Barringer SH
8/25/13 Fall Retreat Reveal Pastor Jim Barringer SH
8/18/13 Extreme Makeover

Heart Edition

Front Porch (Great Commission) Pastor Jim Barringer SH
8/11/13 Extreme Makeover

Heart Edition

Hall Closet (Hidden Sin - Secrets) Pastor Jim Barringer SH
8/4/13 Extreme Makeover

Heart Edition

Rec Room


Pastor Jim Barringer SH
7/28/13 Extreme Makeover

Heart Edition


(What Is Your Life Producing?)

Pastor Jim Barringer SH
7/21/13 Extreme Makeover

Heart Edition

The Living Room

(Relationship With God)

Pastor Jim Barringer SH
7/14/13 Extreme Makeover

Heart Edition

The Dining Room (Desires) Pastor Mark Gold SH
7/7/13 Extreme Makeover

Heart Edition

The Study (Your Mind) Pastor Mark Gold SH
6/30/13 Extreme Makeover

Heart Edition

Transfer The Title (Lordship) Pastor Jim Barringer SH
6/23/13 Adventure Management One Anothers Pastor Jim Barringer SH 1 Thessalonians 5:11
6/16/13 Adventure Management Busyness - Rest - Sabbath - Boredom Pastor Jim Barringer SH Jeremiah 6:16
6/9/13 Adventure Management Conflict Pastor Jim Barringer SH Hebrews 12:14
6/2/13 RESPECT Pastor Jim Barringer SH
5/26/13 Contenders (Jude) Pastor Jim Barringer SH Jude
5/12/13 Intolerance (Daniel) Pastor Jim Barringer SH Daniel
5/5/13 Not a Fan Pastor Jim Barringer SH 1 John 2:6
4/28/13 Poison in the Pews Pastor Jim Barringer SH 2 Peter
4/14/13 Be Ready Pastor Jim Barringer SH 1 Peter 3:15
3/17/13 The Power of Forgiveness (Philemon) Pastor Jim Barringer SH Philemon
3/3/13 Left Behind Pastor Jim Barringer SH
2/24/13 SUPREME Colossians Pastor Jim Barringer SH
2/17/13 Joy In Suffering Pastor Jim Barringer SH
2/10/13 Liars, Lawbreakers, Legalists, Liberals & Being Liberated Pastor Jim Barringer SH
1/27/2013 Generous Giving Pastor Jim Barringer SH
1/13/13 Sold Out Sold Out Part 10 - Esther Pastor Jim Barringer SH
12/30/12 How to Worship Pastor Jim Barringer SH
12/23/12 Advent Advent Part 4 - Angels Pastor Jim Barringer SH
12/16/12 Advent Advent Part 2 & 3 - Bethlehem & Shepherds Pastor Jim Barringer SH
12/2/12 Advent Advent Part 1 - Prophetic Names Of The Messiah Pastor Art Hansen SH
11/25/12 Sold Out Sold Out Part 9 - David's Mighty Men Pastor Jim Barringer SH
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