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Baruch Haba B’shem Adonai Sermon Series

Join us as we embark on a disciple’s journey, pursuing Jesus, the Son of God! Together we will witness a crowd’s fervent but misunderstood cry, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD,” during His triumphal entry. We will experience the profound moment when Jesus is unveiled as the Christ, the Son of God, before Israel. We shall navigate the disciples” path as each scene magnifies Jesus and explores the tension of Jesus as a blessing and Jesus becoming a curse for us. As we journey through Jesus” final week in Jerusalem, we find ourselves amidst those with selfish motives who want to use Jesus and others who earnestly seek His salvation. Ultimately, we will stand near the garden tomb and erupt with joy when the power of the resurrection is revealed. Keep following on this journey as Jesus” disciples while we eagerly anticipate His return, awaiting the day when God’s people will exclaim, “Baruch Haba B’shem Adonai.” In this anticipation, we initiate the proclamation that rightfully belongs to Jesus: “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD.”


Prior Lake Campus
1/7/2024 Baruch (Mark 11:1-11) Pastor Thomas Gold
1/14/2024 Baruch (Mark 11:12-32) Pastor Joel Farber
1/21/2024 Baruch (Mark 12:1-12) Pastor Jason Foreman
1/28/2024 Baruch (Mark 12:13-27) Pastor Kenny White
2/4/2024 Baruch (Mark 12:28-44) Pastor Nathan Miller
2/11/2024 Baruch (Mark 13:1-37) Pastor Matt Clausen
2/18/2024 Baruch (Mark 14:1-11) Pastor Matt Clausen
2/25/2024 Baruch (Mark 14:12-31)
3/10/2024 Baruch (Mark 14:32-72)
3/17/2024 Baruch (Mark 15:1-32)
3/24/2024 Baruch (Mark 15:33-47)
3/31/2024 Easter (Mark 16:1-8)
Shakopee Campus
1/7/2024 Baruch (Mark 11:1-11) Pastor Kenny White
1/14/2024 Baruch (Mark 11:12-32) Pastor Kenny White
1/21/2024 Baruch (Mark 12:1-12) Pastor Kenny White
1/28/2024 Baruch (Mark 12:13-27) Pastor Sam Dahl
2/4/2024 Baruch (Mark 12:28-44) Pastor Kenny White
2/11/2024 Baruch (Mark 13:1-37) Pastor Kenny White
2/18/2024 Baruch (Mark 14:1-11) Pastor Kenny White
2/25/2024 Baruch (Mark 14:12-31)
3/3/2024 Missions Sunday - Shakopee Campus
3/10/2024 Baruch (Mark 14:32-72)
3/17/2024 Baruch (Mark 15:1-32)
3/24/2024 Baruch (Mark 15:33-47)
3/31/2024 Easter (Mark 16:1-8)







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